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Cuba Without Fidel Is A Bad Country - 975 Words

While watching the documentary â€Å"Cuba without Fidel† I noticed most of the points that were made were bashing the way the government was running Cuba, this country remains being the same communist country it was when Fidel Castro was in power with the difference that now his younger brother Raul Castro is in position. This film can be viewed as a form of propaganda with the sole purpose of letting people know how bad Cuba is without Fidel. Although the documentary is very informative I believe that it’s biased and it’s just trying to put forth their own position. I agree that Cuba without Fidel is a bad country but in my opinion is the same corrupt country that it was when he was in power. Throughout the documentary we see many things wrong with the resources people receive, we see this primarily with money. There are two types of currency in Cuba, peso and cuc, even having certain money makes you more privileged than others. Peso was described as being worth almost nothing that can buy basic necessities such as rice and coffee, while cuc on the other hand is described as more privileged. People with access to this money are able to buy things like shampoo, strollers and handbags; things that everyone should be able to have access to. Having special rights because of money seems to be very common in Cuba, there was a moment in the documentary when the narrator was denied access to one of the best hospitals located in Cuba because he didn’t have enough money, this comes toShow MoreRelatedFidel Castros Impact on Cuba, America, and the World1359 Words   |  6 Pages Fidel Castro, resigned now, and still living, was the dictator of the Cuban nation. He has had an big impact on America, and he an impact on our world. Fidel Castro was a Cuban dictator for a long time coming. Fidel Castro becoming a dictator not only affected the United States, but his arrival affected the world around us. Fidel Castro was a man who had a target on his head. Lots of people from all over the world wanted him dead. Fidel Castro wasn’t a capitalist person, he was a CommunistRead MoreEssay on Fidel Castro1274 Words   |  6 PagesFidel Castro The first journey for Christopher Columbus to the New World landed him in what we know as present day Cuba. The Spaniards occupied the island because of the great location and marketable importance that came about in the eighteenth century. Throughout time, Cuba has been under the control of dominant countries, such as Spain and the United States. The colonization process has been the consistent factor in Latin American countries, leaving the colonized without a senseRead MoreCuba And The United States864 Words   |  4 PagesCuba and the United States are two very different countries. Although they are only nearly 90 miles away from each other it has been over 50 years since both countries have had any real relationship towards each other, other than the hatred that seems to shown by the two countries’ politicians. In October 1960 the United States began to impose its first round of embargoes towards the small island when Cuba decided to nationalize all of the American Oi l on its county after the United States withoutRead MoreHeaven versus Hell in the Film Latin America since Independence692 Words   |  3 Pagesthe case of Cuba was the totalitarian government and the social struggle of the people. Thanks to Oliver Stone’s film â€Å"Looking for Fidel,† I understood that even though people were unsatisfied, while others were and still remember to proclaim about the Revolution. In this film, we see how Oliver Stone interviews Fidel Castro in different issues affecting the Cuban people and this conversation provides an intolerant to the propaganda of the United States to make Fidel Castro seems as a bad guy. DawsonRead MoreEssay about The Cuban Missile Crisis756 Words   |  4 PagesThe Cuban Missile Crisis Between 1959 and 1962 relations between USA and Cuba deteriorated. Up until 1959, America had kept General Batista in power over Cuba and had strong links, especially in trade. Castro’s ascent to power in 1959 triggered the short-term events contributing to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The main cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis was the cold relationship between the two great superpowers: America and Russia. This hadRead MoreThe Central Intelligence Agency ( Cia ) Arranged Numerous Assassinations1236 Words   |  5 PagesThe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) arranged numerous assassinations attempts on Fidel Castro which helped damage the relations between the United States and Cuba. To understand why the US saw Castro as a threat, it is necessary to learn about how he attained that power and what Cuba was like. Colonel Fulgencio Batista had originally been elected as president, but he appointed himself to be the dictator of Cuba in 1933. He used the army and police to keep control over people, and those who wereRead More Cuban Film Industry Essay1292 Words   |  6 Pagesonly existed in the capital and major cities; only Hollywood videos would be shown. When Fidel Castro took over the filmmaker?s goal was to create democracy in the production and distribution of films. Their desire to acquire films from all over the world almost exceded their patriotism. Cuba developed mobile cinemas for the rural areas. Since the revolution it has been possible to create a film industry in Cuba although the fight to show the industry view of the revolution has been hard. UnfortunatelyRead MoreCuba And Ir Cuba801 Words   |  4 Pages Cuba/Iran question 1. After doing your own research and listening to the debate, what is your informed position on opening up degrees of relations with Iran and Cuba? Cuba is a bad counties that honors its commitments on stuff. Other countries had to write off Cuba’s debts which is why Russia really doesn’t deal with them like they did during the Fidel Castro era. They also have American fugitives still, and Cuba is still on America’s terrorism list. If it was up to me I would make these dealsRead MoreCauses Of Freedom Of Speech1343 Words   |  6 PagesMost countries does not allow a person to have a freedom of speech , the reason is because they feel like it will make more people go against their government. The government want their countries to have structure.Although all three of the countries are very strict towards their citizens when it comes to freedom of press and speech, they have multiple reasons behind their agitation with the problems they face dealing with it. So I’m going to talk about freedom of speech in North Korea, Cuba, andRead MoreCommunism in Cuba: Positive or Negative for Its Citizens?2573 Word s   |  11 Pagesa government. There have been communist groups in Cuba since the early 1920’s and it eventually grew into the only political party in the country. Over the years there have been many debates on what is the goal of communism in Cuba. The majority of people believe that communism is an evil political group that doesn’t give the citizens any rights. People that believe in communism think it’s a good government because all the citizens of the country are treaty fairly. In this paper I will debate the

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