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Question: Discuss about the Professional Skills Development. Answer: Summary of Professional Skills My best role is working in the Administrative section as a Human Resource Department. I am keen on working as a Human Resource Manager. The role of Human Resource Managers is to plan, direct and organize the functions of an organization (Aswathappa 2013). They also hire and recruit new staff. The administrative staff or the Human Resource manager acts as a tie between the management and the employees. As a human resource manager, I will be exposed to different kind of people, my communication skills will improve and the pay scale is attractive too. On an average, a Human Resource Manager receives 35,813per annum in the United Kingdom. Involvement of human psychology intrigues me to work as a Human Resource Manager. While playing the role of a Human Resource Manager, I have gained knowledge about the required professional skills. From my experience, I learnt that a Human Resource Manager must have good communication skills. He or she must be able to express his views to both the employees and the management. A Human Resource Manager must have the ability of multi-tasking. Great multi-tasking skills make the job easier and exciting. Having a good sense of ethics is also necessary (Marchington et al. 2016). Therefore, from my experience, I have comprehended that these are the basic skills, which are required to work as a Human Resource Manager in an organization. To work as an administrative staff in the Human Resource Department, a person must be qualified with a few professional skills. The skills that are required are technological, organizational, communication, time management, multi-tasking, problem solving and great negotiation skills. For instance, technological skills are must because a Human Resource Manager has to operate the IT system. Usually, in the management culture disputes or conflicts do arise among the employees. Human Resource Manager also acts as a creative conflict solving head. Therefore, such skills are utilized in situations like these. A Human Resource Manager must have the ability to influence people as well. Another important skill of the administrative staff is recruiting, hiring and screening of new talent. This is major job of a Human Resource Manager. Hence, he or she must have the skill of being diplomatic and fair while judging the employees. The Human Resource Manager also plays a significant role in the tr aining program of the employees. Hence, without these skills a Human Resource Manager will not be able to perform his duties. Evaluation of Group Effectiveness I have worked in a group, played the role of a Human Resource Manager, and learnt the effectiveness of it. During my course, I have cooperated and helped my team members to finish the task on time. Working in a group taught me that understanding and time management play a vital role in the Administrative Department. As a group, I managed and organized the functions of the organization. While working with the members of the group, I did well in handling the recruitment process of the organization. In the group, I did well by using my communication, planning and organizing skills. Along with doing well in the group, I also faced a few challenges. The challenges that I usually faced during the course were meeting the deadline on time, understanding the views of the other members and in coordinating (Sparrow 2016). A group when working together faces trouble and hassle. There can be problems regarding opinions and cooperation while working in a group. To overcome these obstacles, I cooperated and helped the other team members in the task. I removed the communication gap and got the task done in a hassle free way. After working in the group, I realized that I am over-ambitious about becoming a Human Resource Manager in a Multi-national company. I have researched on the role and worked as a Human Resource Manager in my group. During my course, I performed almost all the duties of a Human Resource Manager and succeeded. Although I came across a few hurdles but I have also learned how to overcome them. Therefore, the experience, which I gained, boosted up my interest and passion of working as a Human Resource Manager in a Multi-national company. I feel that I fulfill all the criteria and qualities of working in the administrative staff. In future, I would like to develop and discover more innovative skills that will help me flourish in the Human Resource Department. I should also improve my communication skills since that will help me in future. As a Human Resource Manager, I am the link between the employees and the management. Therefore, I need to develop my convincing power accordingly. I need to discover more skills regarding resolving conflicts in the management. I would want to invent new methods of recruiting and hiring in the future. The process of hiring and recruiting can also be done by the online. This procedure will make it easy. Evaluation of the Experience and the Roles as an Administrative Staff Working in the group, made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths were in the organizing and planning structure. Communication was also my strength as this quality helped the work be done faster. During the course, my weaknesses were also revealed. The area of my weaknesses was business management thinking and leadership skills (Simon 2013). A Human Resource Manager should not only have knowledge about his area of interest but also other related areas. Similarly, while working I should have done more research on the subject I was working with the group. Leadership skills also matter since a Human Resource Manager guides the employees and connects them with the management. Being aware of my weaknesses, I have further worked and improved on my communication and comprehension skills. The group work made me learn and realize the effects of the above-mentioned skills. Improving on these areas will help me in the future. These skills will be beneficial for me in the sphere of any business management (Glendon et al. 2016). Presenting and communicating the functions and structure of the organization also depends on these two particular skills. However, my experience while working in the group helped me know about my strengths and weaknesses in the field of Human Resource Department. Administrative Staff of any organization needs requires Human Resource Managers bearing these professional skills. Therefore, I have learnt and improved on these skills and will be able to execute in future. From my experience and lesson, I concluded that there is still an area, which needs improvement. That area is the I.T System. Further development is required in the sphere of I.T System. I.T System is a significant area in the Administrative Section as the Human Resource Managers work revolves around the concept of software. The function of a Human Resource Manager is to store the employee data, attendance record, confidential data, payrolls and recruitment processes. Working electronically will be less time consuming. Therefore, developing in the area of technology will help in the growth and increase my strengths. Having more experience and working in more groups will raise my level of opportunity in the Administrative Staff. Hence, brushing up such professional skills will make me accomplish the role of an Administrative Staff. References: Aswathappa, K., 2013.Human resource management: Text and cases. Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Glendon, A.I., Clarke, S. and McKenna, E., 2016.Human safety and risk management. Crc Press. Marchington, M., Wilkinson, A., Donnelly, R. and Kynighou, A., 2016.Human resource management at work. Kogan Page Publishers. Simon, H.A., 2013.Administrative behavior. Simon and Schuster. Sparrow, P., Brewster, C. and Chung, C., 2016.Globalizing human resource management. Routledge.

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